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Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights (LINK TO WEBSITE). If you think you will need Emergency FMLA or PSL, a request form from Human resources is required to initiate the process. Please contact the Labor Relations and Human Resources offices for additional information related to applying for this leave at

APRIL 04, 2020-  With the recent retirement of Sgt. Chuck Paris from the Bridgeport Police Department the following changes to the leadership of Bridgeport Police Union Local 1159 are as follows:

Sgt. Brad Seely from Vice President  to President

P.O. Juan Vicens from Executive Board to Vice President

P.O. Mike Salemme to Executive Board Vacancy 

JULY 19, 2019-  Congratulations to David Neary, Andres Talavera, Darryl Wilson, Ashley Taylor, Bruno Rodrigues, Everton Walker, Luis Pomales, Kenneth Fortes, Daniel Gerardi, Marlon Campo, Thomas Flaherty, Pasquale Feola, Ian Shumaker and Michael Carter on their promotions to Sergeant.

APRIL 24, 2019-  The Tentative Agreement regarding a new collective bargaining agreement has passed.  The vote tally was 275 YES and 31 NO with 306 votes cast.  The contract will run from 07/01/16 thru 06/30/21.

February 13, 2019-  Congratulations to Lonnie Blackwell on his promotion to Captain.

JANUARY 12, 2018-  The results of the vote on the Contract Tentative Agreement are as follows :  133 yes    152 no.  Contract DID NOT pass.  

DECEMBER 08, 2017 Congratulations to Raymond Masek on his promotion to Captain .

UNION E-Board Elections(Final Results-November 2017) 
President- Chuck Paris
Vice President- Brad Seely
Treasurer- Phil Sharpe
Secretary-Dan Gerardi
E-Board-Ricky Lopez, Ron Mercado, Danny Gomez, Ed Golding, Juan Vicens and Mike Carter 

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017- Congratulations to John Cholakian and Laura Azevedo-Rasuk on their promotion to Detective

FEBRUARY 16, 2016- Congratulations to Kevin Gilleran on his promotion to Captain.

DECEMBER 05, 2016-  Local 1159 would like to congratulate Elizabeth Santora, Adam Roscoe, Timothy Leonard and Juan Serrano on their promotions to detective.

SEPTEMBER 03, 2016- Congratulations to Donald Bensey, Fabio Pereira, Jeffrey Long, Frank Cuccaro and Jessi Pizarro on their promotions to Sergeant. 

FEBRUARY 11, 2016- Congratulations to Charles Johnson and Robert Magnuson on their promotion to Lieutenant.

JANUARY 14, 2016- Congratulations to those promoted.

Promoted to Captain- Brian Fitzgerald, Mark Straubel, Steven Lougal and Rebeca Garcia.

                 Lieutenant-  John Gale, Thomas Minar, Nancy O'Donnell and Vincent Ingrassia.

                 Sergeant- John Burke, Christine Burns, Joaquim DeBarros and James Ivanko.

                 Detective- Jeremy Kelly, Everton Walker, Albert Palatiello, Theodore Montagna, Kenneth Fortes and Barbera Gonzalez. 




President- Chuck Paris

Vice President- Ricky Lopez 

Treasurer- Phil Sharp

Secretary- Richie Mercado 


E-Board Winners- Danny Gomez, James Ivanko, Gregg Granello, Ronnie Mercado, Dan Gerardi and Art Calvao


SEPTEMBER 29, 2015- Congratulations to Michael Cantrell, Frank Delbouno, Thomas Harper and Jeffrey Holtz on their promotions to detective.

LETTER FROM BERNARD WEBB                                                                                                                   08/28/2015

Brothers  & Sisters   

 Bridgeport Police Union Local 1159 is accepting documentation for its Scholarship Drive for the members of Local 1159 ( Children ).  Anyone whose child has graduated this year of 2015 from High School and is continuing their education at an accredited College is eligible for a scholarship award.

 The requirements are as follows:

1)      High school transcript

2)       Acceptance letter from College

3)       A one page essay  ( on Law Enforcement )

4)      The Deadline  for acceptance is September 11th, 2015 and awards will be giving out the Monthly Union meeting on September 14th

 The Union sponsors a annual Golf Tournament ( Gerald DiJoseph ) to help keep this Scholarship drive funded for our  members.  All members are encourage to help, especially the members who child is receiving the Scholarship award, by either participating. In the Golfing event as a Golfer, volunteering or buying some Dinner tickets ( $65.00 ).

   Most importantly the GOLF TOURAMENT is on September 28th 2015 and is being held at FAIRCHILD WHEELER.

Fraternally Yours

Bernard M Webb  V. P.

JUNE 26,2015- Retro payment along with the 7.5% will be in the June 26, 2015 check, in addition the last raise of 2.5% will be paid on July 17, 2015.

 We have been waiting 3 years for an increase that I hope will help with some of your financial burden.  The Union will continue to fight for your rights concerning wages,

healthcare and working conditions; this is just a reflection of what we will fight you in the future.

CONTRACT VOTE- Results as follow

Total Votes- 339

YES Votes-  260

NO Votes-     79 

The Contract is ratified.  President Chuck Paris and the E-Board would like to thank the entire membership for the great turnout! 



September 4, 2014-Congratulations to all promoted. 


Promoted to lieutenant were: Brian Dickerson and Jeffrey Grice.

Promoted to sergeant were: Stacey Lyons, Trevor  Niestemski, Frank Jacobellis, William Simpson, Scott Waehler, Paul Scillia, Ivan Delgado, Lawrence  Lazaro  Jr., Eric Schneider, Bernard Webb, Jonathan Duharte, Adam Rozum, Christopher Robinson and Gabor Meszaros.


AUGUST 25, 2014- The final results for the election of the executive board two open positions are, officer Michael Carter 80 votes and officer James Ivanko 61 votes.

April 28, 2014- Congratulations to Ron Mercado on his promotion to Lieutenant.

February 10, 2014- Congratulations to Manny Cotto and Paul Grech on their promotions to Lieutenant.

Bridgeport Police Sergeant Exam- Application due by March 28, 2014

NOVEMBER 2013-1159 Executive Board Election Results are as follows:

President - Chuck Paris

Vice President - Bernard Webb

Secretary - Rich Mercado

Treasury - Mike Rynich


John Whalen

Ed Perez

Dan Gomez

Ricky Lopez

Phil Sharpe

John Gale 

The voting results of the SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT regarding the MERS Pension, CAD and the health care reopener are as follows:

                    285- Yes is support of agreement

                        9- Not in support of agreement


LOCAL 1159 would like to post a special thanks to:
For his **$5000.00** Donation today for the BRIDGEPORT POLICE MEMORIAL FUND

12/22/11- Congratulations to James Baraja on his promotion to Deputy Chief.

11/16/11-Congratulations to Tom Scholl, Wilfredo Nieves, Vincent Larriccia, Larry Lazaro, Jessie Pizarro and Greg Iamartino on their promotions to detective.

October 10, 2011- The results of the recent Union Executive Board Election were announced at the monthly meeting. 

  President:  Charles "Chuck" Paris

  Vice President :  Bernard Webb

  Treasurer:  Michael Rynich

  Secretary:  Richard Mercado

  E-Board:  Ricky Lopez

                 John Whalen

                 Brian Pisanelli

                 Edwin Perez

                 Danny Gomez

                 Ivan "Bubba" Clayton

Congratulations to those promoted on 09/22//11-  Sergeant-Mark Belinkie. 
                                                                          Detective-Sean Ronan, Edward Martocchio, Kenneth McKenna, Artur Calvao, Jason Ferri and Ramon Garcia.

We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within the organization.

MORE RECENT PROMOTIONS- Rich Azzarito to Lieutenant, Milton Johnson to Sergeant and James Kennedy to Detective.

Congratulations to those members recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant- Jason Amato, Michaeal Burdo, Angelo Collazo, Louis Cortello, Sue Cortello, Mathew Cosgrove, Pasquale Feola, John Gale, James Geremia, Jeffrey Grice, Edward Golding, John Klesyk, Joseph Morales, Ronald Mercado, James Myers, Nancy O'donnell, Edward Rivera, Bradford Seeley. Philip Sharpe and Luigi Tucciarone.

Congratulations to Ray Masek on his recent promotion to LT.

Congratulations to those promoted on 11/16/09.  Promoted to Assistant Chief- Lynn Kerwin.  To Captain- Joseph Savino Jr., Armando Perez, Robert Evans and Aida Remele.  To Lieutenant- Brett Hyman, John Cueto, Kevin Gilleran and William Bailey.  To Detective- David Garcia, Joseph Badolato, Martin Heanue, Todd Hoben, Mark Graham, James Borrico, John Burke, William Reilly, Mark Belinkie and Jorge Cintron.

CT Post Blog Link (11/17/09)

UNION EXECUTIVE BOARD ELECTIONS- The final results are in.

President-   Chuck Paris

Vice President- Bernard Webb

Treasurer-  Brad Seely

Those positions that do not require a runoff are Secretary (Rich Mercado) and the 6 positions on the Executive Board.  The 6 executive board members are as follows: John Whalen, Ed Perez, Ricky Lopez, Danny Gomez, Chris Borona and Brian Pisanelli.

All members should see a member of the E-board for copies of the updated collective bargaining agreement.


Link-ST Vincents Immediate Health Care site

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)-1-800-864-2742.  EAP is for all  members of the Bridgeport Police Department and their family members.  Or you can visit Behavioral Health Consultants Employee Assistance Program by clicking below.

Behavioral Health Consultants

UNION CONTRACT:  The 2012-2016 collective bargaining agreement is available online .  The previous 2004-2008 and 2008-2012 agreements are also available.

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.